My Amelia Rose

My Amelia Rose

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little girl with a BIG personality

One of the great things about Amelia is her ability to make people laugh.  She is funny and sweet and very outgoing.

When we go into a place she announces "I'm Amelia Kennedy and this is my Mom!".  It makes everyone giggle.

This morning I had a meeting at Chick-Fil-A so I took Amelia to play in the play area while I had my meeting.  There was a young couple there with their daughter who was probably around a year old.  They went in the playroom where Amelia was and I saw her talking to them, so I poked my head in and told her to not talk their ear off, that they weren't there for her.  They started laughing and said she wasn't bothering them at all, the young man looked at me and said "She has a BIG personality".  It just kind of melted my heart.  They were really enjoying her and that reminded me of how lucky I am to have such an amazing little girl.

She chatted them up the entire time and when they were leaving they said "Amelia offered to babysit".  Apparently she told them they could leave their little girl in the play area.  LOL, they were laughing the entire way out. 

Thanks to that young couple, sometimes I get so tired that I forget that Amelia is truly a blessing and I wouldn't want her any other way, I love that BIG personality!

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  1. Brendan has the same type of personality and while it wears on my nerves I am always told by others how great he is. I just wish he would calm down. This morning his energy level broke my coffee table. I just keep reminding myself that this is short term and as he gets older it will get better.