My Amelia Rose

My Amelia Rose

Friday, May 31, 2013

Catching up...

It's been a little while since I've posted, I'm sorry but these two jobs and raising a "busy" almost 5 year old sometimes can wear you out.  I was talking to someone about being a 40 year old Mom to a young child and told them that I had lost my mind but I wouldn't change it for the world.

A few weeks ago my baby girl graduated from Pre-Kindergarten, it was joyful and sad at the same time.  They grow up entirely too fast!  We've registered for Kindergarten starting in August and I know she'll do great.  I tried to talk her into waiting a year and I was shot down with "Mom, let me go to big kid school".  Well, then, I guess I got that.

The ADHD medicine is still working although it's enhanced that funny little imagination of hers which can be hilarious.  The other day her teacher told me that when she wakes up from her nap that she makes funny noises, I explained that she's acting out "The Land Before Time" movies.  I see directing in her future!  It really is funny...except at 3am, then I want to go live in a hotel with no children or cats to get riled when they hear her up. 

And the flowers she got for graduation, well they are about to be disposed of--cats like flowers and it's a battle to keep them out.  Maybe I'll make her a little bouquet of fake flowers although I know she'll call me out on them being fake.

Unfortunately this week we've gone backwards on the sleeping with her fighting going to sleep and then waking up at her regular 230-330am time and play.  Today she's been up since 230 this morning, the funny thing is that she'll be an angel at school but tonight will not be fun for me. 

I've called the pediatrician and we're going to try sublingual melatonin and see how it goes.  The regular melatonin had stopped working so this is trial and error. 

I don't give her the medicine on the weekend and the couple of times I have did not turn out well, with that medicine she needs structure like at school so it turns chaotic.  I'm still debating about the summertime but will talk to the doctor next week once the sleep issues are back under control (I hope).

Here's my little graduate, isn't she the cutest ever?!