My Amelia Rose

My Amelia Rose

Monday, July 8, 2013

Always my baby

A couple of weeks ago my baby turned 5 years old.  People keep saying that she's not a baby anymore but she will always be my baby. I used to think that was weird before I became a parent--like these parents really need to let go.  But now I get it.  Sure, I want her to grow and don't want to be over-involved but she is so special to me.

On Saturday I babysat a friends daughter and she was so quiet and sweet, my husband was amazed.  I think he may have even envied her mother considering Amelia is the total opposite.  Somehow I think there was a mix-up and Amelia and I belong in a loud Italian family, add our loud voices and love of pasta and there you go.

But I realized that while she can be exhausting I wouldn't change her for anything.  Her loud and boisterous personality just keeps me going, her imagination that comes up with the craziest things just shows her creativity.  With her BIG personality she will rule the world!

Sometimes when our kids make us crazy just remember that it's better than many alternatives that I've seen.  People know what Amelia will speak her mind, that she will be wild and crazy and that she will keep us on our toes.  But it's what makes her, we need more of that.  We need to stop trying to change people to fit our mold and start loving them for who they are.

Here's to my BABY girl!


  1. mine tells me that God won't let him stay small... silly mommies don't know anything. :D

  2. lol yea she says she wants me to always take her places. I'll enjoy that for now.